by William Shakespeare

Chandler Studio Theatre
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
January 2017

Directed by Gareth Nicholls
Set and Costume Design - Alisa Kalyanova
Lighting Design - Benny Goodman
Sound Design - Steven Selby


"This is an action play as much as a political one, as Nicholls recognises by setting the tough-guy sparring on designer Alisa Kalyanova's dimly-lit landscape of barren top-soil. (...) This makes for a production that is full of strident confrontation, but which retains a thoughtful intelligence that never takes sides. As the common people sit back and slumber into complacency once more, the death of a tyrant becomes one more public sideshow to snack on as the world collapses around them." 

Neil Cooper, Herald Scotland

Costume parade


Set design - photoshop renderings

Production Photos

/Photographer - Alisa Kalyanova/